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Graphite electrode latest developments: carbon neutrality and environmental protection requirements of the Winter Olympics, henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other parts of the graphite electrode enterprises have received a production limit notice

The current graphite electrode market positive and negative news interweaving, graphite electrode market price after the previous increase, the market new single transaction is still insufficient, the market bullish sentiment blocked, the current graphite electrode market as a whole to stable price operation.

Price: by November 22, 2021, the average price of China's mainstream specification graphite electrode market is 21,821 yuan/ton, unchanged from the same period last week, up 2.00% from the same period last month, up 39.82% from the beginning of the year, up 46.87% from the same period last year.

1, cost: graphite electrode production cost surface pressure is still high

Graphite electrode, on the one hand, the upstream raw material prices low sulfur petroleum coke, coal tar is loose down, but the price is still high, 70% from a year earlier, according to a gain of about 80%, and the price of needle coke strength, according to the increase of about 71% from a year earlier, still visible graphite electrode upstream raw material price rises over the graphite electrode price rises.

1. The JPG

, on the other hand, some provinces began to raise prices or lime price, measures the graphite electrode production process cost increases, and in the graphite electrode graphitization resources more nervous state, the electricity price increases or will drive the graphite electrode graphitization costs continue to increase, part of the complete process of graphite electrode production costs increase.

The picture

2. Supply

At present, the overall supply side of the graphite electrode market is tight, especially in the ultra high power small and medium-sized graphite electrode, some graphite electrode enterprises said that the supply of enterprise is tight, the supply has a certain pressure, the main reasons are as follows:

1, although the current provincial power restrictions have been relaxed, but by carbon neutrality and environmental protection requirements of the Winter Olympics, henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other parts of the graphite electrode enterprises have received a production limit notice, graphite electrode market is still limited.

2, graphite electrode mainstream enterprises are mainly to produce ultra-high power and large specifications of graphite electrode, the production of small and medium-sized specifications of graphite electrode in the market is relatively less, supply is tight.

3, some graphite electrode enterprises are still delivering early orders, the market spot resources are insufficient, the overall supply of graphite electrode market is tight.

3. Demand: at present, the overall demand of graphite electrode market is mainly stable.

Graphite electrode downstream steel mills: on the one hand, the impact of voltage production is still existing, the overall start of the steel mill limited; On the other hand, the general price of terminal steel shipment declines, the profit of electric furnace steel is insufficient, and the purchasing intention of graphite electrode is general. At present, the average operating rate of electric arc furnace steel mills is about 56%, and steel mills mainly need to purchase graphite electrodes.

4. Export:

At present, graphite electrode export market performance is relatively stable, it is reported that affected by the Eurasian Union anti-dumping final ruling, some overseas enterprises have certain stock of Chinese graphite electrode. But on the one hand, although the shipping price has been adjusted downward, it is still at a relatively high level. In addition, the port container resources are relatively tight, and the land transport carriages of Graphite electrodes exported from China to Russia are also relatively tight. Under the comprehensive influence, the export cycle of graphite electrodes is longer, and the export of graphite electrodes is still restricted by the eu anti-dumping and other factors.


According to customs statistics, in October 2021, China's graphite electrode exports were 30,400 tons, a decrease of 3.07% month-on-month and 8.45% year-on-year; From January to October in 2021, China exported 342,900 tons of graphite electrodes, up 28.01% year on year. In October 2021, China's main graphite electrode export countries: Russia, Turkey, South Korea. (Source: Not just steel)


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